Little Caesar’s Spring 2023 Fundraiser

We’ve partnered with Little Caesars to bring pizza kits right into your kitchen. Need a quick dinner after a long day? Maybe an after school snack? Ohhhh even some fresh baked cookies. YES all of that can be ordered and shipped directly to you. And the best part is that Little Caesars will donate a portion of the sale back to CATA PTSO which will support the needs of our students and staff.
If this sounds good to you, just imagine how your friends and family will like it! Share the link to ANYONE across the country. With this special link CATA will receive the fundraising donation and the items are shipped directly to the person ordering.
It’s easy and only takes a few minutes to order. You can pay by credit card and the yummy kits will be shipped right to your door by FedEx. Click on the link in our bio, then click on Little Caesars fundraiser, and it’ll take you through the steps.
Thank you for supporting CATA PTSO


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Little Caesars Fundraiser

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