Invest in Excellence – CATA PTSO Donation 2020-2021

The annual Invest in Excellence CATA Campaign is a simple, one-time, straight-forward way for individuals, businesses, and corporations to invest in the excellence of CATA. Please consider a tax-deductible investment! 100% of the money donated is reinvested into CATA.

CATA PTSO Cougar Council Membership is included with your donation. Please fill out this form to complete membership registration.

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Senior Event Pass 2020-2021

In addition to offering Senior Week activities, the PTSO Senior Events Committee has planned BONUS activities to make Class of 2021 a year of special memories. These bonus activities may include an ice cream social, dessert bar and other random surprise events during the school day. Entrance into these particular BONUS Senior Events requires a Senior Pass.

CATA Senior Yard Sign

Place this sign in your front yard to display your CATA Senior Pride!