Invest in Excellence – CATA PTSO Donation 2022-2023

The annual Invest in Excellence CATA Campaign is a simple, one-time, straight-forward way for individuals, businesses, and corporations to invest in the excellence of CATA. Please consider a tax-deductible investment! 100% of the money donated is reinvested into CATA.

CATA PTSO Membership is included with your donation.  You will receive a link to fill out our online PTSO Membership Form with your confirmation when you check out.

Choose a donation level below.

Corporate Donation & Senior Scholarship 2022-2023

NAMED SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP:  Each year CATA PTSO sponsor scholarships for our seniors.  With a full application process, our seniors have the opportunity to apply for the scholarships. If awarded these funds go directly to the college or university that the senior has been accepted to.  NEW this year we are giving our local business the opporutinity to join us by giving a named scholarship.  If you choose this level of support the scholarship will be in your company name and recognized separately.  Senior Scholarship levels are $250 or $500.  SELECT $250-Senior Scholarship or $500 Senior Scholarship below to secure a Named Senior Scholarship.

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP:  As a business or company, we realize that getting your name in front of Union County families is a win-win for everyone.  With our Corporate Sponsorship, 100% of your donation goes straight back to our school and used for needs that are not covered by the county.  These funds directly support our students, teachers, campus and more.  Our corporate sponsorship also has the benefit of being in the spotlight of our Cougar Chronical, which is our weekly email that goes to over 900 students and parents.

Senior Event Pass 2022-23

In addition to offering Senior Week activities, the PTSO Senior Events Committee has planned BONUS activities to make Class of 2023 a year of special memories. These bonus activities may include an ice cream social, dessert bar and other random surprise events during the school day. Entrance into these particular BONUS Senior Events requires a Senior Pass.

2023 Senior Yard Sign

Place this sign in your front yard to display your CATA Senior Pride!

PTSO Family Membership 2022-2023

(Family Membership includes your student’s membership.)

We look forward to your membership and support.  You are making an investment in your child’s future.  You will receive a link to our online PTSO Form once you check out. 

Thank you again for your support!

PTSO STAFF Membership 2022-23

We look forward to your membership and support.  You are making an investment in our students and school’s future.  

Hospitality Support

Can’t make it to the store to send in those cookies?  Not enough time to make that side dish on the list?  But you still want to help?  Well you CAN!  This is a great option to support our Teacher & Staff Event.  These funds will go directly to purchase items we need donated.  Thanks for considering this alternate way to support our amazing Teachers & Staff.